Sava-Petar concrete fences

Our concrete fences are unique.

We have been present on the market for about fifty years. During this period, great steps have been made regarding quality, design, appearance, aesthetics, the way of assembly...

Our fences are simple, both for assembly and for disassembly. Maintenance is not required.

Our fences are professionally manufactured, therefore they are long lasting.

To ensure that the walls of the fences are long lasting and stable on the ground, certain standards of assembly projects must be respected. This means the fence assembly should be done by professionals.

Our products are ideal for your needs.

We can help you find the right solution for your environment.

Our fences can embellish your space. This means to have the best of both worlds, to have something beautiful and useful.

Think about your idea regarding the kind of fence you want and what kind of fence you will have done.

Choose your own fence.

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We have the variations of opaque and transparent fences.

The variations of one-sided and double-sided fences. The variations of colored and colorless fences.

Fences can be a combination of opaque and transparent models. Read more

Our concrete fences offer more possibilities. They are the best solution for closing of your property and protection from the view of neighbors or passersby, as well as noise protection.

You can be safe and feel safe on your property.

It is a very solid variant for animals passing. This kind of fences are of opaque type and standard height. They look very nice.

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